1) What are the regular working hours?

Our working hours for various groups are:

2) Do I still pay the fees if my child is absent?

Fees are payable for the whole year, including the periods during which your child is away from the Nursery/Kindergarten on account of illness or holiday.

3) Are the fees payable in advance?

Yes, fees are payable in advance for the quarterly term (by the first week of that term).

4) What happens if my child is ill?

For the well-being of your child and others attending the Nursery and Kindergarten, the following sickness rules apply:

5) What is the discipline policy followed?

Our methods of discipline are positive and consistent with the age and developmental needs of children as young as 18 months to 6 years. We believe discipline teaches children to develop self-control and to act in socially acceptable ways. Our teaching staff never use

6) What does my child carry to Nursery / Kindergarten every day?

7) Do you have a uniform for children?

No. Children need to wear comfortable, practical, easily cleanable clothing to Nursery/ Kindergarten. We do not accept any responsibility if an item of clothing gets soiled during activities such as art or gardening.

Safe, sensible footwear must be worn at all times (i.e. no jazzy, lace ones). Strictly no fancy accessories / jewellery.

8) How do I get to know about the progress of my child?

Observation and Assessment are an important part of the educational process which begins as soon as the child starts Nursery. Children are observed closely and records maintained as to what is seen and heard. Observation and informal assessments help in understanding a child, planning the activities and transfer to the next stage.Records cover all aspects of the child's development across different areas of learning. Every term-end, there is a Parents-Teacher Meeting organized - to discuss in detail, the progress of the child.

On any other occasion, parents can through a prior appointment meet the Teacher concerned after 12.30 PM.