Art of Living Nursery / Al Atheer Kindergarten welcomes the prospective parents for the admission of their children. We also request parents to visit our Nursery/Kindergarten and tour our premises with the supervisors or program coordinators.

Application Form is available from our office. Parents are requested to return the completed forms to our office in person.

Once the application is processed we schedules a student visit. During the visit the child is taken to an age appropriate classroom for assessment and observations. The student visit provides ample opportunity for the teachers to assess the student in classroom and group activities. To ensure a good match between applicants, their families, and our school's programs we attempt to get to know you and your child in several ways throughout the admissions process. Parents are requested to call us anytime in case of any queries or clarification.

For further information, parents are requested to view the detailed admission procedure below.


For Nursery: 1.4 years to 2.5 years at the point of admission
For Kindergarten: 3.5 to 4.5 years at the point of admission

Admission Procedure